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The Dutch course in Den Haag at DNA Languages are designed to teach the language in a way that is easy to comprehended and put into practice. This is done through regular incompany lessons and classes incompany. In order to provide you with the necessities for your job, day-to-day usage, and have more leverage competing for important positions at work or university, we strive for effective Dutch courses in Den Haag.
That being said, from our experience teaching thousands of employees the Dutch language, we have structured our lessons around a simple step-by-step approach. Learn at an effective rate with like-minded students. Small classes and multiple levels of language comprehension make for an effective learning experience

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Read more detailed information about our training formats:

Tailor-made group courses

  • Incompany
  • At a different location

Individually tailored courses

  • Flexible private courses
  • Intensive private courses
  • Skype training courses
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Dutch course in Den Haag at DNA Languages

DNA Languages is the best value Dutch course provider in Den Haag, the heart of The Netherlands. Here in the capital of the country we teach expats and foreigners alike. Since you are right in the center of Dutch culture it’s easy to pursue a high level of competence in the Dutch language.

Our Dutch classes are all about immersion while you learn. The more you can immerse yourself in a foreign language, the easier it is to learn and absorb all the subtleties which make you stand out from the rest and eventually let you blend in with the natives. For high quality Dutch courses in the lovely city of Den Haag, apply to join one of our available courses and dive right into Dutch.

Do you want to learn Dutch in some free ways already? Read this article >

Why choose our quality lessons in Den Haag

We design and provide fully customized Dutch language courses:

  • for every level
  • for every position
  • for foreign employees and their partners
  • in-company or at another location
  • for groups

Your language trainer works creatively, efficiently, effectively and interactively with you to achieve the desired outcome.

The courses are generally held in-company, but can of course take place elsewhere.

Tailor made dutch course in Den Haag

The tailor-made courses offer you the following practical advantages:

  • Small groups (maximum of 8 people).
  • No travel time required for an in-company course.
  • Well suited for multiple groups per day, which means work still continues and the department remains adequately staffed.

Your employees interact and practice together using practical examples from the work floor. By focusing on learning what they need to, they use their time as productively as possible.

Our quality Dutch lessons in Den Haag are suited for total beginners as well as people with some familiarity with the language. You can learn quickly with group exercises and other students. The courses are divided into segments based on the level of the speaker, in accordance with the European Framework of Classification for Languages.

We make sure you get the best teachers. All of the teachers are native experts in the field. Having a wide variety of effective teaching methods readily available, they’ll prepare you to take on the Dutch language as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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Learn the Dutch language easily with one of our classes

Get going right away with your lessons, choose from one of the Dutch courses available in Den Haag and start learning the basics! We have a lot to choose from. Depending on your current experience with the language and your goals you have plenty of choice regarding the classes you want to attend.

Ranging from beginner to upper intermediate, find the Dutch lesson suited for your location and availability to attend, for example in the evening or at the weekend. For students who need to learn with a deadline we have extra fast courses in Dutch.

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