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During all of our training sessions you will be completely immersed in the language of your choice. This is because a of our courses are based on the “full immersion”-concept, which has been proven to be highly successful. This means that, we only speak in the language that you are learning during our sessions. Yes, even you!

ONLINE intensive individual language courses

Do you have a limited amount of time? Our online individual corporate communication courses for professionals, will improve your language skills rapidly. These courses offer 30 hours of private lessons, distributed over five days (Monday through Friday or Wednesday through Tuesday). After conducting a personal intake, we will tailor the training entirely to your level, learning objectives, and requirements. This will be done in accordance with you.

Summing up:

  • All languages possible
  • Flexible start date
  • Fast and effective language training with high learning curve
  • Language training offered by experienced native speakers
  • Online but 100 % contact with your teacher

ONLINE flexible private lessons

Would you prefer a flexible chedule? We can also arrange flexible lesson schedules for your corporate communication language training for professionals, and also for daily language work-outs. You can choose either the PT20 and receive 20 hours of private lessons or the PT30 and receive 30 hours of private lessons. We will schedule your training in accordance with your availability. After conducting a personal intake, we will tailor the language training entirely to your level, learning objectives, and requirements. This will be done in accordance with.

Summing up:

  • Flexible schedule, depending on your availability
  • Fully tailored to your specific, individual needs and interests
  • Learning materials and practical exercises derived from your own living and/or working environment
  • Online interactive lesson formats
  • 100 % contact with your teacher
  • Applicable to all levels: you set the pace


Partake in a workshop with others? Our workshops are intensively and thematically designed. You can participate per session. You will learn to communicate effectively within your own specific work situation. This is why we work with the material that you provide. The knowledge acquired is immediately applicable within your specific situation. The workshops are dynamic, group-related, efficient, and up-to-date. The groups consist of a minimum of 4, and a maximum of 8 participants.

Examples of recent communication workshops:

  • Workshop “Business English” – writing an email/ giving presentations/ negotiating/ making calls
  • Workshop “Intercultural awareness”
  • Workshop “Efficient written communication” – optimizing business communication in terms of style, tone, message, and uniqueness
  • Workshop “Upgrade your financial English” – email writing and making calls, directed at financial service delivery
  • Workshop “Write your LinkedIn-profile”

Group training

Group trainings can be organised at a company’s request. The weekly sessions are designed thematically and directed at the communal needs of the group. The participants should be at a reasonably equivalent level. Each participant will undergo a personal intake prior to the training, whereby their current level will be determined. In accordance with the client, course objectives and requirements are then established. The group trainings are either 20 or 30 hours. However, if desired, we can, increase the number of training hours. These courses can be organised online as well.

Online written communication courses

Written communication courses are available for all levels and languages. We design programs for each client ased on their intake. The intake entails the assessment of a document that you have written, and an interview whereby we will explore the ways in which you approach writing a text.

Working with your own material
During the written communication course you will work with your own material. The focus of the course lies in the recognition and development of a corporate style. In addition, we also work on sentence formulations, text context and construction, and on the message that you wish to convey. If necessary, grammatical and spelling aspects will also be attended to.

Private or group context
The written communication course focusses on all of your (corporate) correspondence. We offer these courses either as private or group sessions. Upon request, we also organise workshops whereby you work together in an interactive setting to improve your written communication.

In summary:
• Writing skill courses in all languages (reports, policy documents, records, emails)
• Work on style, structure, and grammar
• Either privately or in a group

In-company training

All courses, with the exception of the intensive training courses, can be offered in-company. Our language coach will come to your office and take the necessary material with them.

ONLINE lessons

Do you have little time to travel, or do you live far away or abroad, but would you still like to improve your language skills from the comfort of your own? Then our online lessons are the right solution for you. Just like the other language course offered by DNA Languages, your objectives and requirements are what we focus on. During your training, you will work on your speach, listening, and writing skills. If you prefer, you can also choose a combination package. This package combines online with face-to-face lessons.

• Lessons can be conducted from the comfort of your own living room or office.
• Flexible schedule
• No travel time
• Tailored to your needs
• Combination package possible

• Combination format: the training consists of a package combining ‘live’ sessions with online sessions
• Private 20 hour training

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Anneke Siemons - DNA LanguagesWe will gladly assist in selecting the correct language course for you. Please contact our language course consultant Anneke Siemons to receive customised personal advice without any obligations.


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