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If you move to another country, start working in an international environment or join an international team, you will no doubt come into contact with people from different cultural backgrounds.
Most of the time we are not fully aware of just how much cultural norms and values influence our behavior. We often misunderstand each other because the behavior we see is not what we expect. Once you start doing business in other countries you will soon recognize differences in the way business is conducted. For example, in one culture concluding a deal may be quick and easy, while in another, it can be very time consuming. In some countries managers are expected to be directive, while in others they have a more delegating leadership style.

Cultural differences within multinational teams can also be quite noticeable, ranging from differences in communication style and decision making processes to differences in social interaction outside working hours.

By gaining knowledge and understanding you can learn to take these cultural differences into account and adjust your behavior accordingly to ensure you can work more effectively in a multicultural environment.

Start in time

Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare and learn about the differences between people with different cultural backgrounds. By following one of our courses you will learn how to improve relationships with your international colleagues and clients, which will lead to greater business success!

We work in close cooperation with CulturesConnect to offer two types of In company courses, which are outlined below.
You can of course combine a Cultural Insight or Intercultural skills course with one of our language courses.


If you work in an international environment you certainly come across people with different cultural backgrounds. This often means differences in communication style and decision-making processes or different management methods and you may feel these differences influence the effectiveness of your team.

Anticipate and take advantage

The best results are often achieved by those who take the initiative to learn about different cultural backgrounds. Our Intercultural skills training programme will help you improve your relationships with your international partners and lead to greater business success!

Our workshop will provide you with useful insights into diverse cultures, highlight the differences between them, and enable you to work more effectively in your international and multicultural team.

The course focuses on developing understanding and learning about the influence of culture and cultural differences. You will learn how our interpretations of the behavior of the other can affect cooperation within a multicultural team.

During the course we will look at cultural theories and relevant cultural dimensions. You will be provided with your own tailor made profile which will give you insight into your own cultural dimensions and behavior patterns.

In summary, during the workshop you will have the opportunity to work on your intercultural competencies, such as attitude, knowledge and skills, which will enable you to significantly improve your intercultural adaptability. This will help you and your multicultural teams to work better together and allow you to use those cultural differences to your advantage, leading to greater cooperation and success in business.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for:

  • anyone who works in an international organization or in an international and multicultural team
  • anyone about to move to another country or work in an international environment

In company for groups

The workshop is 8 hours (1 day). The following topics will be covered:

insight into culture and cultural differences in general
theories and definitions of ‘culture’
insight into your own and others culturally determined behavior patterns
recognition of cultural differences in daily interaction
development of intercultural competencies (behavior, knowledge and skills)
improvement of effectiveness in an international and multicultural work environment
advantages of the differences within a multicultural team


Our workshop titled Insight into Culture – Effective communication with the Dutch will help you understand cultural differences in general and the Dutch culture in particular. You will become aware of your own cultural patterns and become highly skilled at identifying intercultural interactions and your own reactions to them.
The result is you will develop your intercultural skills and operate more effectively in your Dutch and/or international work environment.

Who is this in company workshop for?

This workshop is particularly suitable for:

  • foreigners working in the Netherlands with Dutch colleagues who may or may not work in international teams
  • foreigners who wish to benefit from their move to the Netherlands

In company for groups

The workshop duration is 8 hours (full programme, all day) or 4 hours (short programme, half a day)

The following topics will be covered:

insight into culture and cultural differences in general
Dutch habits, norms and values
insight into your own culturally determined behavior patterns
identification of cultural differences during daily interactions
development of intercultural competencies (behavior, knowledge and skills)
how to work more effectively in a Dutch working environment
Marjolein Havik - Cultures Connect
Marjolein Havik - Cultures Connect

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