We are giving away a free 30-hour tailor-made training in this new year!

Later in this newsmessage, I will tell you how, why and for whom this free language training is intended.

Keeping 2022 in mind, what we all probably wonder when making plans these days: will we be allowed to work in the office again? Or will we be seeing our colleagues and relatives  mostly in video calls this year as well? Or perhaps some of you are even looking for a new job?

I personally think that hybrid working is becoming the new normal. Partly at the office, partly from home. So communicating online is here to stay, which means we will continue to hold video calls instead of seeing each other in person.

But with online communication you miss most of the non-verbal communication. That is why good verbal communication is so important. And we help a lot of people improve and enhance their communication. We’ve been doing this for years. Many professionals have found their way to us and with our help, they have learned to communicate more confidently and powerfully both at work and outside work.

Imagine what it feels like expressing yourself fluently. Feeling completely at ease. Feeling confident in Dutch, English or another language. Would you make different choices than you do now? Would it open more and better opportunities for you?

In all aspects, good communication leads to increased opportunities and prospects. And therefore we are giving away an English or Dutch language training course. We will give this training to someone who truly needs it. To find a job, get promoted, or feel at home. Whoever receives this free language training from us must be 100% motivated and really committed to making progress.

So we ask you:

Do you know, or are you, someone who would like to take a big step in his development this year? Let us know before March 1 via the button below. We will then send you the conditions.

Send me the conditions for a free 30-hour customized English or Dutch training (20 hours with a language trainer + 10 hours of e-learning).

Send info

I am looking forward to your responses. Who will we make happy and help to move forward?

Finally, I would like to wish you the best of luck with all your plans for this new year. May all your dreams come true! And, as always, see you soon.


Anneke Siemons

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