Then i got stuck

Who can relate? You enthusiastically start a new language course, because you want to feel more confident in the language.

You really like the lessons. It’s fun to learn, and to practice with your teacher or other students. In the first weeks, you spend several hours on self-study. But after a few weeks you start getting stuck.

Work is busy and other things are suddenly much more important. You still follow your training sessions, but self-study? No, that doesn’t really work out. You notice it’s getting harder and harder to follow the training. And so you quit …

As a result:
-the time you invested didn’t lead to results
-you’re still not confident in the language
-you feel frustrated because you still experience language barriers
-you feel that you’re missing opportunities

And that is such a shame, especially because there is a simple solution to it!

The reason is (usually) that there is no plan, no personal learning
strategy. And this is essential to maintain motivation and achieve
your language goals.

In our FREE WEBINAR on August 29, we’ll share with you:
the 4 steps for succesfull language learning
the most important pitfalls
how to define your personal learning strategy
how to keep yourself accountable

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