She felt so frustrated

“If this goes on any longer, I quit my job!” she said. Selma is a highly educated professional who works at one of our country’s largest energy companies.

And she is an expert. Besides her normal tasks, she helps her colleagues improve. She implements innovations. And everyone comes to her with their questions. So she gets good performance evaluations every year.

But … her colleagues get promoted and she doesn’t. The first year she thought it was because she was new to the organization. The second year because she had a new manager, who didn’t know her very well yet. But now she’s another year in, and she’s still in the same function. Therefore, she feels so extremely frustrated! Because actually she has been working below her level for years.

In fact, the reason she didn’t get a promotion was that her manager didn’t think her Dutch was good enough. And so she came to us with a very specific goal: to improve her Dutch so far that she can work at a level that matches with her studies and experience.

Do you also feel constrained in your professional development? Share your experiences, or send me a message. Then we make a plan for you that enables you to be successful in business as well!

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(Photo by Karolina Grabowska)

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