From 24 -28 February 2020 we will be organising another five day language training course especially designed for professionals in the legal sector.

A growing number of corporate lawyers, managers, legal assistants and other legal professionals are working more often internationally which requires an excellent command of legal English.

In our course we use real life scenarios provided by our course participants and help them learn how to legally present, argue, defend and explain using the correct legal jargon. We even get to grips with the humble comma. Who hasn’t seen this comical example: “Let’s eat Grandma” instead of “Let’s eat, Grandma”. Grandma is probably not very tasty and won’t be eaten up, but this example shows just how important the correct use of punctuation is. Especially in a legally compliant environment.

Would you like to vastly improve your legal English in five days? Would you like to know more?

Visit this page.

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